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I Need To Take A Stab At What I Do Not Know

Hello readers,

I’ve had a WordPress account for awhile now and I hadn’t quite figured out what to do with it until today. My co-authored blog serves it’s own purpose but I’ve been posting less because my motivation and interest for it is waning and I knew I had aspirations to do something a little different on the side. I wanted this to be personal without being overdramatic and an intelligent review of some issues without being too dense and/or over-the-top. Objective insight is easier when you’re forced to sit down and compose thoughts and fashion them into a cohesive offering. At this point, I can only predict that there will be a mix of personal goals/lessons/achievements, all sorts of sincere commentary on various subjects, and the sharing of other people’s work and inspirations. All of which will be fed through my personality filter to be refined into posts that are a tragic mixture of bitter cynicism and undefiled idealism. It’s possible to live in both states, honest.

Today just seems right for this. It’s a good day to begin. I decided that my first project would be a documentation of how I’m processing the aftermath of a relationship that I was in for 1.5 years. 1.5 years is an eternity to my 22 year old self and needless to say, the break-up process has been relatively rough.

Maybe this blog is just a coping mechanism.

But it’s true that I like to document things so I can go back and remember/review them. I never really was much of a journal keeper. But technology makes it so much easier. You can type almost as fast as you think. Without the blog that documented my summer in Chile, I would have forgotten 91% of what I learned and I wouldn’t have been able to keep all the cherished memories from that experience. The break-up posts will be private, of course, but it’s nice to have a place to put the thoughts.

To conclude with a severe change of topic and finalize this introductory post, I’ll make a brief comment about the title of the blog and of this post. Both are derived from Austin Kleon’s Newspaper Blackout Poems. The title of the post is relatively straightforward and it kind of aligns with my life motto. Stretch yourself, do new things, learn new things, and keep living. Every day, I need to take a stab at what I do not know. I think it also kind of serves as a testament to the fact that I have no more answers than anyone else and that this is just an attempt to pursue the answers anyway.

But the title of the blog is inspired by one of my recent favorites, although for the overall top spot, it’s going to be hard to beat Agoraphobia. I’ve been following these for at least a year now and it seems like I have a new favorite every week because they’re just that good and so worthy of rereading. Regardless, here’s the blog title’s inspiration in all its glory:

We’re all between a rock and the back wall in some capacity. And heaven does feel driven by wires rather than transcendence.