Let It Go, This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes I just literally stay up and cry all night. New developments (like not being able to move to New Orleans until January and trying to move forward with the love situation and a slew of other things) keep popping up and it’s easy to feel lonely as hell sometimes. And all this just keeps gripping me and pulling me under and I kind of dread every night. Sometimes depression makes you hate the day but for me it makes me hate the night.

But I have this playlist titled “POSITRON”

It’s basically a mix of positive, uplifting, “no way you can still be bummed after listening to this” songs.

So, with that playlist in my arsenal of weapons to fight my patheticness, and random moments like wicked rainstorms during a muggy Memorial Day, the 4 hours of crying episode from the night before instantly becomes the past. In the words of OK Go…

You know you can’t keep letting it get you down
And you can’t keep dragging dead weight around
Is it really all that much to lug around?
Better run like hell when you hit the ground

When you put everything in that perspective, how can you NOT push through and cheer up and survive? I’m being a baby. Thank you, positron mix and rainstorm, for making me grow the eff up.


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