Everything I Do, I Do It Big

The video for Black and Yellow is awesomely Pittsburgh. Keeping with the home theme, it makes me kind of sad to leave. Because Pittsburgh is just as much of a home as Alfred used to be.

Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow

Also, I’m happy that Wiz Khalifa is blowing up all over the place. My love for local Pittsburgh stuff is overwhelming. The day I saw Wiz Khalifa and Girl Talk in the same show was the best day of my life.

Let me also add that if you haven’t gotten the new Girl Talk album, do it now. It was nearly impossible to get when it came out because the server was overwhelmed but now you can do it with ease so you have no excuse not to. It’s sheer joy. Although, Feed the Animals is still my favorite (my bad). I think only because it has a better opening. The way it starts just takes you with it.

Finally, I want to thank Wiz Kalifa for all his songs and lyrics. But mostly for this: “Everything I do, I do it big.” Black and Yellow has been on the POSITRON mix for quite some time now.

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