Science Fair Volcano, 14 Years Too Late

This summer was rough. I was working full-time and taking A&P for 15 hours a week then studied for 10 hours a week and probably spent 10+hours a week on my boyfriend.

Maths: 168 hours in a week – 75 hours of all that stuff – 49 (7×7) hours of sleep – 7 hours (approximation) of commuting home to work to school to home and activities on the weekends – 14 hours of basic stuff (showering, eating, cleaning, laundry) = 23 hours… 23 hours/7 days = 3.29 hours/day for my personal activities. And mostly, I was too exhausted to do much with those 3.29 hours. A lot of the time, I just spent an extra hour sleeping each night and watched Netflix for the rest. On some rare days, I worked out. Basically, since a lot of free time was used up on the weekends, every weekday was productivity from first thing in the morning all the way up to bedtime.

However, during the first week of August, all the big time wasters changed. I started a job where I only work 30 hours a week, school ended, and I dumped Matt. It became a free-time palooza in theory. I wasn’t actually able to enjoy anything until last Wednesday morning though. It took 3 weeks to de-stress and enjoy life. Not even kidding.

Now I have notes and projects and journals and I finish books and my room is immaculately clean and I have time to Zumba/bike/run/whatever. Gaining weight in the summer is a completely foreign concept to me. I feel gross.

More time for blogging also. More time than ever for blogging. Prepare for an onslaught.

Anyway, finally arriving at the purpose of this entry… tomorrow, I’m making a science fair volcano with Desi. I’m living the life with one weekday off of work per week. It’s a dream. Especially since I make more working part-time than I did working full-time at my old job.

You gotta do research first if you wanna make a truly epic one. I kind of want this to light up because it’s my tendency to try to make everything light up. I don’t know if that can happen in one day, but we’ll see. Liquid and electricity don’t mix. Anyway, now I have to decide which type of eruption best suits the volcano I see in my imagination.

Disclaimer: all the people in these videos are annoying

– Vinegar and Baking Soda (skip to the middle): Semi-explosive, excess of lava, middle of the road in terms of duration
Yeast and Peroxide (skip to the end… VERY END):  Oozy like real lava, goes for a long time
Mentos and Diet Soda (skip to the middle-end… those people are probably Christian fundamentalists also):  Super explosive, not very realistic, short-lived

Tough decision. I hope the answer comes to me in my sleep. Input appreciated.


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