Labor Day Weekend Expectations/Wishlist 2011

On Tuesday, the 2011 trifecta of summer holidays will be complete. I love summer holidays. Alcohol + sunshine + cookouts/bonfires.

Ideally and/or expectedly, all of these things will happen…

– watch the first Penn State game of the year
– golf with my dad
– eat my mom’s food
– take baby puppy dock jumping
– bake hostility apology pies for everyone I know
– snuggle with dogs
– snuggle with friends
–  drink good beer on the deck
– drink good beer on a boat
– drink cheap beer at a bar
– kayak on a lake
– stargaze
– eat burgers and fruit salad and s’mores
– argue with Mom and Dad about social issues, politics, and the environment like the good old days when I cared about humanity and wanted to save the world
– watch Fox Soccer
– take the scenic route everywhere

And most importantly, be reborn. I don’t know how the eff I did it (or why), but I shut down so many crucial parts of me in order to make the last 3 years work that now I’m exploding with life. Which is mostly positive but not entirely. No joke, it’s making me kind of narcissistic and relatively insensitive. Pittsburgh is difficult to be in right now. I need to go far far away and empty my head.

Calm down –> heal on a spiritual level –> love life and people again –> pursue dreams –> live happily ever after

Quoting  a very dear friend… “I really think the best is ahead of you.”

Damn straight.

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