There’s A Hole In The Roof For The Stars To Fall In

Why does everything feel crazy in Pittsburgh?

I’ve been home for exactly 60 minutes and already things make sense and I’m calm and snuggling with Lucy and watching the USA vs. Costa Rica game.

Realization: I go out too much. It’s good to stay in and chill sometimes. 24/7 distractions and alcohol consumption are counterproductive to processing feelings.

Realization: My life needs, including relationship ones, are super basic. And I need to embrace them again. It’s like I evolved away from having these simple needs, because I changed them to make a relationship work, then ended the relationship, but kept the pseudo-needs, thinking they were the real ones. That’s a mindfuck, for sure. No wonder I felt so unsettled.

In other related news, 4.5 hours in the car listening to nothing but Joe Purdy will thaw a cold/bitter heart like none other. He writes life music. The best love songs were written by Joe Purdy. And the best heartbreak songs were too.

Everyone should have these four albums. The other eight are incredible. But you REALLY NEED these four.

Joe Purdy is one of my life needs. Tied with soccer and dogs. Just below people and hope.

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