Ryan Adams Is A Crazy Person

Crazy genius person.

There’s been a lot of Ryan Adams in my life over the last few days. Lots of time outside and on the road n’at. One YouTube video led to another and now I think I understand why Ryan Adams makes incredible music. It’s because he’s a little bit nuts.

That picture is from a long time ago. During his homeless/strung-out looking phase.

Varying shades of crazy:
Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3 Part 1 and Part 2

Bridge between crazy and genius:
Live In Jamaica

Pure genius:
Touch, Feel, and Lose (live)
Oh My Sweet Carolina (live with Emmylou Harris)… I would have DIED to see this, FYI
–  To Be Young Is To Be Sad Is To Be High (live at Austin City Limits)


But my favorite Ryan Adams thing from the past few weeks is definitely this:
“…Ah, outer space – you rule me.” – referring to the planet-sized diamond


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