Without Missing A Beat

So, as hard as it is to be here right now and even though I’d rather be back home in Alfred or boating around the lake, it’s good to know that there are always people to be with and places to go.

Last night, I didn’t even go home when I got back into town. I just delivered the pies to various friends then went straight to a dive in Oakland where everyone had already been at since 4. There, I was conveniently able to deliver the last 3 pies all at once. And then we finished at Mad Mex. Margarita + chicken chimi = all I need on a Monday night.

Tonight, Marco and I are going to the darkest dive in Shadyside because I feel soulless. Characteristics of a good dive bar…
– the crowd: old men
– the ambiance: no light and lots of smoke
– the drinks: strong and cheap

So much for staying in more often and drinking less. Staying in is the most comfortable/loving/relaxing thing ever if you’re in a relationship. But it sucks when you’re single. Plus, I have all day tomorrow to do nothing. And by nothing, I mean accomplish lots of inconsequential things that I want to accomplish.

Agenda, 9/7/11:
– get new battery for MacBook
– bike ride (weather permitting) or Zumba (if it’s raining)
– paint the canvasses black
– play acoustic guitar
– go to Sephora and pick up some stuff I’ve run out of
– buy this dress from Anthropologie
–  put another layer on the volcano with Desi
– make that corn and bean stuff using Marisol’s mom’s recipe

I’m obsessed with corn right now. Sunday lunch was freaking delicious.

Late summer corn, steak, snow peas, bread with homemade pesto and a little tomato… food bliss. Also, Sam Adams Summer Ale. Because that’s the Labor Day weekend tradition. You gotta finish all that shit before summer ends. Duh.

I could have done that for 50 hours.

But Delta wanted to go dock jumping.

Happy puppy. She’s gonna be a champ. ESPN Outdoor Games, what?

And there were pies to make.

Saturday was drunk. Sunday was chill (as all Sundays should be). Monday was dive-y and Mad Mex-y.

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