And I Could Never Steal The Sadness You Feel When You’re Changing Your Mind

More Avett Brothers today. No one should be surprised at this point. It’s my life music right now. September 2011 will always and forever be the month of the Avett Brothers. I don’t understand it, but it is what it is.

Pretty Girl From Locust and My Last Song To Jenny are maybe the greatest back to back song combination on any album ever.

My days off are so peaceful/simple/productive. I never want to work more than 30 hours a week ever again. This is incredible.

I signed up for Portuguese today. It starts next week. I’m kind of ridiculously excited about this. World Cup 2014! I’m going.

And I MacGyvered some curtains out of a bed sheet. This day is infinite minutes of awesome.

Anyway… quick rundown of last night: Julian knew the bartender at Mario’s. Our 1/2 price happy hour drinks were ridiculously strong. And we pounded them because we arrived late-ish. 6:40 is not a good time to go if you want to get a lot of drinks at a good price. Mike showed up before trivia. We killed a ton of nachos in approximately 5 minutes. And had intense conversations about football and life and relationships. Then we tried to go to the Pittsburgh Filmmakers thing but we drank for too long and so it was over by the time we got there but we met up with Davon and some girl as they were leaving and migrated to Harris Grill because Tuesday is bacon night. Marco came out for half an hour then went home to finish a paper even though he’s not technically even taking classes right now. Then we ended up at a random gathering at some person’s house in Oakland. Where everyone was watching Mrs. Doubtfire? And it occurred to me for the first time (I guess I haven’t seen it in awhile) that the movie is outrageously unrealistic. I mean, really, Sally Field TOTALLY would have known it was Robin Williams and not some old lady named Mrs. Doubtfire if that was real life.

And not since college have I been that drunk on a Tuesday night. Or even out for as long as we were. It was a solid 7+ hour adventure.

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