Songs For Staying In

Exhaustion on every level. I might not make it out for the second night in a row and this makes me feel super lame. Happy Valley is the cause. WORTH IT.

The game was a blow out. Granted, they were playing Eastern Michigan but it’s still nice to see PSU kick ass. Plus, any day I spend with Binks is a good one. He’s the best little brother a person could hope to have. When I hugged him goodbye, we realized we’ve seen each other for the last 4 weekends in a row. That never happens. Ever. I went home for Labor Day then there was PSU/Alabama then home again then the game today. And we have a family thing in Reynoldsville next weekend and the weekend after that is PSU/Iowa. That’s a total of 6 weekends in a row. Usually, we go 6 months without seeing each other. Penn State brings families together. That’s the take-home lesson from this.

Anyway, the drive from Pittsburgh to State College is one of the most gorgeous road trips you can venture upon. Especially in the fall. I-99 around the Altoona area is breathtaking. You’re basically on top of a mountain and you can see for miles across the tops of other mountains. And the big wind turbines are beautiful. RENEWABLE ENERGY! All I want to do is build a house on top of one of those mountains and live happily ever after. In my normal self-sabotage way, this made me question whether I really need to go south to be happy. Everything I’ve ever wanted is here. Maybe. I’m just doing that destructive second guessing thing again I think. Alabama/Louisiana soon, house on a mountain later. I have the rest of my life for that. Limitless New Orleans crazy times can only be enjoyed during a short window of time. Basically, your 20s. And anyway, you can’t live on the top of a mountain AND live on a body of water so that conflicts with the pier/boat dreams. I guess I could have two houses, but that seems unnecessary. I’d rather take the money I would use for a second house and do something good for the world. The best plan is probably do one at a time. Like have a mountain house then a water house or vice versa. Or move between the two. This is quickly becoming absolutely unrealistic.

I think I just love the earth.

The more I type here, the more tempted I am to stay in. Sometimes it’s just nice to chill. Obviously, it’s nicer to chill if you have someone to snuggle with. But being single has a trillion benefits and I’m more than content because being single means that there’s no mess to deal with in my life right now and that makes me feel free and happy and infinite every day. Relationships are nothing more than messes. Wow, that’s shockingly pessimistic. Bleh, what is wrong with me? I wish I could kick the negativity.

Moving on… Favorite staying in activity: watching documentaries on Netflix. I want to cancel my Netflix account so badly especially since it got way more expensive (and what’s up with that whole “splitting into two services” thing?). But I can’t. Not when it shows me a specific category of options titled “Understated Documentaries” (what does that even mean?) and I realize that I want to watch all of them.

Here’s the list:
The Warning
Mugabee and the White African
Unmistaken Child
Up the Yangtze
Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies
Russian Revolution in Color
Sound and Fury
The Listening Project
The Fall of Fujimori
High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music 

I don’t even know which one I would watch tonight because they all seem awesome.

And this is the “based on your interest in” list from the selections above:
God Grew Tired of Us **
Man on Wire **
The Cove
The Business of Being Born
Food, Inc.**
The Buddha
The Human Experience
The Art of the Steal **
Exit Through the Gift Shop

The documentaries that are starred are the ones that you absolutely have to see because they’re phenomenal.

Ok, it’s no contest at this point. Staying in: 1, going out: 0. Well, at least that’s the score for tonight. I think the lifetime total is… staying in: 11, going out: 7,381.

I hope this doesn’t become a pattern of unsociable/nerdy behavior. It’s bad enough that I read National Geographic… but documentaries on a Saturday night? Ugh.

Actually, I choose not to care. Do what you want. Be yourself. Love the simple things. Strategically, I should be out roaming the city for a potential new guy. But honestly, I’m totally content with being alone right now. And realistically, any guy I actually want to date is probably also at home watching documentaries on Netflix so we’d never find each other anyway because that’s how the universe works. And historically, finding a new guy has never been a huge part of my going out agenda. My priorities are 1) having a great time with my friends and 2) drinking. The South Side is full of bros anyway. And Lawrenceville is full of hipsters. And Greenfield is full of guys who have their shit together. And Oakland is full of college kids. And Shadyside is full of annoying guys who have their shit way together. And Bloomfield is a little crazy but it’s my favorite right now. (Squirrel Hill is weirdly ok for meeting new guys)

Plus, there’s no shame in taking it easy after you were gone all day. Especially if the next day is going to be outrageously busy as well. Premier League soccer –> Little Italy Days (I love Pittsburgh) with the Bloomfield crew –> BBQ at my Greenfield house –> Steelers game into the night (location TBD).

PS – the 9/24/11 road trip album: Ode to Sunshine by Delta Spirit. I think I listened to it 3 times because everything about it was perfect for this particular September day.

PPS – Mary’s at a rodeo. She sent me a pic of it with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. I want/NEED to go west.


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