Every Bump, Rise, And Stretch In It Mystified My Longing

Excerpt from Mary’s most recent e-mail.

And also, there’s a part of the drive to Jackson that is where a forest fire happened in the 70s… and it still looks almost exactly the same as just after the fire. It knocked the wind out of me. Literally. We were just cruising and soaking in the beauty and I was warned we were coming up on the fire part and Sam explained to me how nothing can grow back because there’s such a short period of time that saplings can grow before winter claims them but I wasn’t prepared to see it. It was devastating because it’s haunting to see a mountainside of burnt, dead trees, and then saplings trying to grow that will die in just a few weeks.

On the way back when I saw it, I burst into tears.

You have to come west.


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