Smoke Ring Halo

Disclaimer: I’m too happy for coherency right now. Prepare yourself for lots of half-thoughts.

I saw the Wood Brothers tonight.

They opened with this. They ended on this. And everything in between was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Jesus Christ, it was mind-blowingly amazing.

I want to live this night over and over again.

And they were recording for a live album. I love when that happens. FYI, it’s gonna be a great live album.

Anything involving a standup bass and harmonica automatically makes me feel like I’m living the happiest moment of my life.

Julian loved it too.

Stuff white people like #135: Taking their black friends to see white people music.

Good God, look at the list of what’s technically considered “alt-country.”

Based on that list, I guess it’s fair to say that alt-country might be my favorite goddamn genre. Old Crow Medicine Show started it years and years ago. Now it’s taking over like a disease. But only if you could love a disease.

Now it’s so apparent why I need to go south. Native Pennsylvanians don’t make music like that. Tonight was what my Alabama life is going to be like every week. Well, moreso my New Orleans life. Great music 24/7. I could be over-idealizing. There’s only one way to find out!

Ryan was supposed to go tonight but he ended up covering the shift of a coworker who had to go be with his wife while she was in labor.  Ryan is a selflessly good guy. He loves the Wood Brothers more than anything.

All my friends are good people.

And hey, I choose my company
By the beating of their hearts
Not the swelling of their heads
– Saves The Day, My Sweet Fracture

Also, my life soul song officially switched from Young Blood to The Ballad of Scarlet Town. The Naked and Famous had a good long run there. Like 7 months or something. We’ll see what the next phase is like.

After I dropped Julian off, I cruised down Arlington Ave which is amazingly twisty and has a breathtaking view of Pittsburgh all the way down.

I love you, Pittsburgh. Even if you don’t produce my life music. Although, to be fair… without you, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the Wood Brothers. Three Rivers Arts Fest 2009, anyone?

And I’m so badly gonna miss the Rex Theater. Unparalleled memories.

Can I run and fetch my soul from the Andes and leave it in the Rex Theater before I go?

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