Wagon Wheel

It’s amazing that Desi has been my friend for 6 years and probably my best friend for 4 years and we just realized today that we both intensely love Wagon Wheel.

The wagon wheel stamp is still on my hand from last night because I’m a ginger and these things don’t scrub off easily. Can I just get it tattooed so it stays forever?

Now it says “You are beautiful” on top of the wagon wheel because of 80s night though. The stamps on my hand make me realize how awesome my life is.

If Desi and I hitchhike to Raleigh, you know who to blame.

At least we will die free.

Also, check this out: Bob Dylan started it

When I found that post a few months ago, I was floored.

God, I love Bob Dylan.

And the story behind Wagon Wheel makes 500 times better than it already was.


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