Halloweekend 2011

It started crazy. It will end that way as well, I imagine.

Last night some very shameful things were done. That’s what happens when there’s a keg. It was bananas.

Desi and I are Thing 1 and Thing 2 but it’s so cute because each interpretation reflects our personalities. Couples costume with your boyfriend: overrated. Couples costume with your best friend: awesome.

Also, I had a surprise phone interview yesterday for nursing school and they basically accepted me immediately! So, I’m officially moving to Alabama at the end of December. It’s way more intense than I thought it was going to be. We have to go to school on the 4th of July. It’s only for a year. Then I’ll be a nurse. That’s such an amazing thing to realize.

After I got in, I started crying unhappy tears instead of being overjoyed. I think it was partially due to the stress of having an interview that day and not being ready for it AT ALL. But mostly due to the fact that now this is real and I’m leaving and going to miss everyone and this city immensely. Most of my dearest friends at this point are here. I don’t know how to live without them. I mean, ultimately this is definitely what I want/need and I’ll make new friends wherever I go. But Pittsburgh is home at this point and you can’t leave home without feeling a little heartbroken.

That was such a boring post. I don’t even know why I wrote it. I’m still in a state of hangover death. You can blame that. I had 12 too many celebratory shots last night. Definitely gonna be the sober kid at the parties tonight (lame) even though one’s at my house. I wish drunk Liz would have made better choices last night. I think my brain is swelling.

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