When The Constants In Our Life Change, It Tends To Create A Ripple Effect

So, I made it to Mobile and my apartment is almost completely livable. Some stuff in the kitchen still needs put away… oh God, I just said that in Pittsburghese. Redo! Some stuff in my kitchen still needs to be put away and I need to figure out what to put on the bathroom shelves and also put on my brave face and deal with the dead cockroach that’s in the bathroom cabinet so I can clean it and put stuff in there. But other than that, I’m settled. I do need a TV stand and some end tables but all is well in Midtown. It’s been a lot of work to get the apartment into shape. It’s a charming old place with high ceilings and big windows and amazing hardwood floors and tons of space but the bathroom was disgusting and the kitchen needed a top to bottom clean as well. Whoever lived there before me was gross apparently. I also had next to no furniture but Goodwill saved me. I found some amazing cheap stuff in good condition. Consider me a thrift shop pro! Anyway, I’ll post before and after pics and update y’all (see, I’m becoming southern instead of yinzer!) with everything else as soon as I get internet access at home which should be on Saturday.

The only reason I’m blogging today is to post this: Losing a lifelong constant: my passion for Penn State football

I feel like finally someone was able to more or less sum up how I feel about the whole ordeal and I kind realize now why I had those feelings. I couldn’t put them into words, but that guy did. I’ve never broken a TV over Penn State football and I can’t remember actually crying after any game but pretty much everything else in that opinion piece describes my state of mind. Although, I kind of think the old feelings of love and pride will return soon enough. It won’t ever be completely the same but almost everything heals with time so I’m slightly more optimistic than I was even a few weeks ago. The passion isn’t gone forever. It’s just a little shaken up.


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