Happily Ever After

I still don’t have internet. This is just a brief post because I’m overflowing with joy. It’s not organized in any sense. And there are no paragraphs. I had a lot of coffee so I can power through some studying. But I’m blogging instead. Someone give me a crash course in efficient time management. I will forever be a procrastinator. But a procrastinator who gets straight As. So I guess it doesn’t matter how I get it done as long as I do it.

Mobile and the surrounding area is sunshiny adventure vacationland.

Class is a 30 minute drive from my apartment and it’s sheer happiness the whole way. I will never get sick of driving over the bay. And the sunsets are incredible. I’ve made my first real friend. We carpool to class and she’s awesome. She’s originally from Mobile. She loves the Avett Brothers. She’s a totally outdoorsy person (but seriously, almost everyone down here is). Her parents live on a river. Her dad took us out to lunch yesterday. We ate the most amazing BBQ in this dive-y place where they gave you soda in a canning jar. We listen to Railroad Earth on the way to school. I never had heard anything by them before this but now I’m in love. She and her husband drove to upstate New York once to see them live. Even though they play around here all the time. That’s how good the music is. I saw an armadillo cross the road. I learned that alligators are afraid of people so if you see one while you’re kayaking, they usually just swim away. Mating season in the spring can be a little dicey though. Apparently they’re all over then and kinda aggressive. And fences are put up on the causeway to keep them from getting on the road. I think I might be more afraid of alligators than hurricanes but I can’t wait ’til I see one. If we get out of class early enough, we see trucks and SUVs parked all along the road and there’s a ton of fishing guys sitting on coolers and out in their boats. Main campus has amazing cross country running trails and ponds with lily pads that apparently bloom like crazy in the spring  (which I can’t wait for because it’s obviously gonna be gorgeous). I’m definitely going back up there on Saturday. Cross country running is my #1 true love. There’s a sign near the trail that says “Beware of alligators and snakes” and there are spiders on trees that are as big as your hand. I might die (from animals or happiness). I feel like I’m in the jungle or a very very foreign land. Everything is flat so I can easily bike a ton of miles each day and there’s no struggle with hills. Main campus also has a super disc golf course. My classes are awesome and intense. I’m going to love being a nurse. But 3 grad level classes over the course of 5 weeks is difficult. Health Assessment is easy. Pathophysiology and Pharmacology require a ton of studying. My pharm book is 1700 pages. All that stuff has to be read/learned/memorized by whenever the class ends in February. Rachel (my new carpooling BFF) said that her husband just applied for a job at an outdoor/fishing equipment store where one of the requirements was that you have to know how to tie flies. The fact that a job with such requirements exists is amazingly awesome to me. There are also weirdly a lot of guys around here who know how to fly planes, whether it’s as a result of regular flight school or from being in the Air Force (I don’t care too much for military guys because I kind of disagree with American foreign policy in general, but Air Force men are hot/badass). I’m going to be outside all the time with a million new outdoorsy friends and hot/badass gentlemanly men and maybe never actually go back to Pittsburgh. Some stupid stuff went down right before I left anyway. Which I guess I’ll go into detail about at some point when I’m feeling less happy.

Although, I do wish I was at Belve’s tonight. I want the things I love about Pittsburgh and the things I love about Mobile to be in the same place. Starbucks is playing this song right now: Age of Consent. One of my favorite 80s night staples for sure.

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