The River Runs Slow. It’ll Go Where We Go

I think every life change comes with pros and cons. This move was obviously more pro than con though.

I’ve had amazing BBQ and seafood but even so, I think I might die without Chipotle.

In terms of beer though, everything is a pro. And that’s super important because good beer is critical to my existence. Last night, I had a ton of Abita and Sweetwater beers. Apparently, these southern breweries know how to do it right and I’ll never be the same. Yuengling is still #1 in my heart but damn… there’s some legitimate competition now. Go to Hough’s  RIGHT NOW and try every Abita selection they have. I don’t know if they have any Sweetwater stuff because I don’t remember specifically seeing it on the beer list but check anyway.

Also, listen to this. You’re welcome.

I think Abita/Sweetwater and Railroad Earth are tied for #1 on the list of most awesome things I’ve discovered in the past week. Looking forward to more discoveries. I’m loving life in every way.

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