Virtual Insanity

Yesterday’s post was the craziest one yet so now I guess I feel obligated do a follow-up.

Mary, my #1 biggest blog supporter, said that she read half of it then had to take a break because it was too much all at once (ahaha) and Drew, my #2 biggest blog supporter, said that he could tell I didn’t go for a run and had way to much coffee. Truth. Until he called me a border collie.

It was kinda cracked out, I’m not gonna lie. But have you read everything else in this blog? The whole thing is ridiculous and I only mean about 50% of what I say. I also had a weird breakfast of tacos and a banana yesterday and that made the whole day kind of weird. In real life, I’m super responsible/conscientiousness/tolerable and do crazy adult type-A things like memorize my routing/checking account numbers and enroll in accelerated nursing programs. This blog is my imagination outlet so that I can be a normal/successful 24 1/2 year old in real life and at this little spot at the end of the internet, I just don’t give a crap about censoring my thoughts. The insanity serves a practical purpose. Just for future reference, usually the frequency of words in capital letters in any given post is directly proportional to how much coffee I’ve had and inversely related to how many miles/minutes I ran that day.

Plus, this is how much I love the Steelers (and Yuengling):

So anything related to the Steelers is obviously gonna be more intense than almost every other topic.

Anyway, here’s another semi-related/awesome article I found. Troy Polamalu says “Kala Christougena!”

Despite the insanity, Mary and I weirdly had a serious religious/theological discussion afterward and she’s the type of Christian that I love. And I’m making her write a guest post because I think that Christianity can be a valid/tolerable religion if people do it right. But most people are currently so incorrect about what’s important and also use it to justify their own social/economic/etc. interests, whether they’re doing it consciously or not, and that’s super messed up.

Mary’s kind of an expert. For real. Like you can ask her “Hey, what’s that verse about…” and then she comes right back with “Oh, that’s ‘[recites it perfectly] and it’s in Hebrews.” My dad and Nonnie do that too. Pretty crazy.

And hey Christian boys, she’s beautiful. You should take her out on a date then marry her because I want nieces and nephews. Here’s her Twitter (Told you she was hot). She’s 22 1/2 and awesome. If you don’t live in Utah, you probably have to move because that’s where she is… but it will be worth it, I promise.

Also, brief life update: I still love the south. That thing you feel when you’re first in love with someone is the same thing I feel right now about life in general. Everyone is so damn friendly. I just smile all day and feel comfortable/relaxed and I’m kind of rethinking my decision to settle down in Pittsburgh someday. I don’t know if I can ever go home now. I smile every time I interact with a Mississippi dream boy with strong tan arms and a scruffy face, even if his camo hat indicates redneck status. They’re so polite and charming. A long time ago in college, when we were drunk at a party, Desi said,

I’ve come to a realization. To me (especially when I am drunk), boys are like Pokemon: I want to catch them all!

That’s how I feel all the time now, even though I’m basically sober every day/night because of the fact that my life has become full of real academic responsibilities. I just want to go out with guys all the time because they make me melt which is crazytalk because I’ve always been more or less indifferent to men because I like being single (aside from the fact that I can’t buy produce in large quantities because I can’t eat it by myself fast enough) and I have things to accomplish in life and relationships just aren’t worth the hassle. But these southern guys are like knocking me off my feet. They’re so gentlemanly and mature. I refuse to fall for one though. At least not seriously fall for one. Relationships are bad news. For real.

Also, I want some damn cowboy boots. But feel like I can’t get a legit pair anywhere else but Texas. And I have no reason to go to Texas so I probably won’t get them for awhile. Obviously, I would love to go to Austin City Limits this year but I’ll still be in school. So, September 2013? That’s my estimated cowboy boots acquisition date. I don’t have real life goals like “Be married by…” or “Buy a house in 2015” or anything like that. My only legitimate goal is to do the most for the world that I can. Everything else is secondary/unimportant to me. The other goals I have are inconsequential things like getting cowboy boots and moving to New Orleans next year and going to the World Cup in 2014 and finding a place I’d like to stay for more than a year so I can finally have a piano. I miss the piano at home at least once a week. It was pretty central to my life before I went to college.

Back to the boots. They’ll look amazing with my skinny jeans. And then I can go to Wyoming and fall in love with a cowboy. Mary has a good story about Wyoming cowboys. Apparently, they’re drop dead dreamy. Guys in Pittsburgh are generally immature/useless pieces of shit who don’t give a damn about anything. Here (and in Wyoming, I guess), it’s a totally different story.

Anyway, play them off, Jamiroquai.


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