Like The Love That Let Us Share Our Name

It’s true that as you get older, you get along better with your parents.

My mom’s current favorite band is the Avett Brothers. She apparently listened to them quite a lot in Tennessee on the drive back to NY a few weeks ago.

And her response to my excitement about being able to buy wine at Target was exactly as follows… “Is it bum wine?” Ahahaha.

If you’re not familiar with bum wine, this is a good resource.

One weekend, I found a huge bottle of Taylor Port at home and I was like “Mom, WTF. This is bum wine,” and her response was “What’s that mean?” so then I had to explain and THEN she was like “Oh, have you ever had Wild Irish Rose? We used to drink that all the time!” Gross.

My mom is a crazy person. I personally have never had any bum wine but Ed and Matt and a few other people were trying to do the bum wine world tour and it was terrible to be around them. It makes you act weird. And smell weird. Bum wine is the line for me, along with certain brands of tequila. Tequila is one of those things you just can’t drink as you get older. By your early twenties, too many bad nights have started with tequila and your brain starts to link it with disaster. Vodka tastes like nothing. But tequila’s distinct flavor will forever taste like hangover now.

My mom also apparently got a little too drunk with the neighbors one night a few months ago and she like slipped on the bank between their house and ours and my dad had to support her the rest of the walk home. Which still makes me smile so hard when I think about her telling the story.

Based on the fact that my parents were super super super strict while I was growing up, these things surprise me. My mom was crazy in her twenties and traveled around with her friends in a van every summer when they didn’t have to work because they were teachers, guidance counselors, etc and had the summers off. She didn’t marry my dad until she was 33 and she didn’t have me until she was almost 35 and then she had two more kids, 2 and 4 years later. She’s the reason I refuse to feel any pressure to settle down and get married any time soon.

Until you meet the nearly perfect man for you, just keep living it up. You have time. My mom refused to settle and then she met my dad and they got married before they’d even been dating a whole year because they knew almost immediately that it was right, I guess. And now they’ve been married for 26 years.

It seems like it’s really common for moms to go from crazy to conservative then back to crazy when their kids are all grown up. A few other people have said the same thing have happened to theirs. I like my crazy mom better. Especially now that she hates the Republican party because they’re ridiculous. Republicans, if you can turn my mother (the lifelong hardcore Republican) into a Democrat, then you’re doing something wrong. Way wrong.

Also, someone posted a picture of kids saying the Pledge of Allegiance on Facebook and the caption was:

We no longer do this for… fear… of Offending Someone !!! Let’s see how many Americans will re-post this .

Then my mom (she’s a principal) responded with:

I love the picture but have an issue with the commentary…WE DO do this every day in our schools. Those who choose not to salute may remain seated while others salute. Remember that the same CONSTITUTION that protects OUR freedom also protects the freedom of all.

Haha… badass. My mom is awesome.

Drew says he’s going to take my computer away if I don’t stop writing blogs about nothing because he knows I’m using it to procrastinate. Good luck, buddy.


One response to “Like The Love That Let Us Share Our Name

  1. Hi-larious!!! Seriously. Stay away from that Wild Irish rose!

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