Men Who Aren’t From Pittsburgh

Rationally, I know why they don’t care about the health of Sidney Crosby. But emotionally, I need them to.

Before I left, I established a timeline for return… 32 or pregnant, whichever comes first.

32, because it’s a good age to hang it up and say, “Ok, it’s time to settle down.”

Pregnant, because I guess it’s possible that I’ll meet a guy and fall in love and marry him and get pregnant before I’m 32. And since there’s no way I’m raising kids anywhere else but Pittsburgh because it’s utopia (although WTF is happening to Port Authority AGAIN?), I’m coming home before the first one is born.  All Pittsburgh babies are born at Magee.

It looks like 32 is gonna be the deciding factor though. I can’t have a kid with someone who doesn’t care about Sidney Crosby.

Also, I just realized that the category cloud for this blog is pretty damn reflective of my life.

Also, memory is weird. Nurses apparently use APA for papers. So, I had to dig out my APA manual from the depths of book stockpile. As soon as I saw it, my brain was like JUANES. Probably because I excessively listened to him during all that cognitive psych research stuff. It made me want to kill myself and he kept my mood elevated enough to not actually kill myself haha. There were a lot of sing-a-long quiero gritar pauses during hours of writing and stat analysis. Those were dark days. It was cathartic because I was like, “Damn, Juanes. You and me both.”

The thing about listening to songs in a language that’s not your first language is that sometimes you’re just cruising along and enjoying your life because it’s upbeat and you feel happy. But then you actually translate the words in your head and you have a realization of, “Well, shit. That’s not happy at all.” Case in point: Fijate Bien. For the longest time, I just thought the chorus was a damn good metaphor. Nope. As soon as I started singing the verses, I realized that it’s literally about land mines. If you’re thinking, “What? Land mines in South America?” Yes. You just got an education.

Anyway… from Juanes, my brain went to CHILE because Gotas De Agua Dulce was on TV all the time when I was there. Then from Chile, my brain went SOPAPILLAS because we ate them all the time. Like ALL the time. And now I need them to live. Study efforts: thwarted. Mission: acquire sopapillas.

I feel like I’m time traveling. This is college all over again.

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