If There’s A Reason, It’s Lost On Me

Today, I learned that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave in a mug. My life will never be the same. This solves every problem I have with making eggs. First of all, it takes more than 4 minutes. Second of all, you have to clean a skillet AND a bowl after it’s over. And I never feel like doing that. So, I never make scrambled eggs. That sounds super lazy but I’m on a tight time budget here. I only sleep 5 hours per night (max) during the week. I like to keep my cooking and dishes to a minimum so they don’t take away any extra time away (even if it’s just 3 minutes) from those precious 5 hours

Here’s the recipe, according to Alexis who posted it:

spray pam in a mug. scramble 2 eggs. add milk, pepper, garlic powder. microwave for 50 sec. add cheese. microwave for another 50 sec or so. PERFECTION ACHIEVED.

Perfection indeed.

I’m now a disciple for scrambled eggs in the microwave. Spread the word. Change lives.

Other things that save my life:
Third Eye Blind at 3am
– Cinnabon cereal at 3am
– The guy who works the overnight shift at FedEx Office. He’s my new BFF. I see him a lot now. He talks to me about stupid stuff while I print things because the library is closed. He’s bored. I’m tired. Symbiosis.
– The fact that FedEx Office is open 24 hours.
The Avett Brothers at 7am
– Coffee all damn day

Also, one of my classmates started laughing for no reason in Pharmacology today. And had to pretend to cough to hide the fact that she was laughing. But then she started laughing again. And had to pretend to cough again. Sometimes you start laughing and just can’t stop. She sits diagonally in front of me. The person next to me started to laugh because it was hilarious that this other girl was laughing for no reason. The person next to me then proceeded to fake cough as well. All of this was obviously freakin hilarious to me too because people laughing for no reason is automatically funny and also really contagious. I didn’t laugh fortunately. But I think I wasted half a day’s energy trying not to. Then the guy behind me started to laugh then cough. Shortly thereafter, the laughing for no reason and fake coughing was squelched and no longer spreading. Thank God. It was one of the weirdest/funniest thing I’ve ever experienced. I think that story makes us sound like crazy people. Go to nursing school –> become insane.

Finally, good news/bad news…

Bad news first: Mary told me a few days ago that she’s punking out on her Christianity post. Which is sad because she’s super chill about it and has a really cool non-traditional views about some things. I guess she wrote most of it then stopped because she didn’t know how to finish it or something. If you want to send her a hate e-mail because you’ve been let down, just send it to me and I’ll forward it to her.

Good news second: Ashley said she’d write something when I asked her last week and I think she has equally awesome views on Christianity so I’m pretty pumped. Be on the lookout for that at some point! I finally got around to adding her as a contributor 🙂

Ashley > Mary

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