Truth: Working For NASA Is Still My Dream

New Girl is my new favorite show. It was just ok when it started. But it keeps getting better. It’s full of little things that make me smile.

Jess: Why do we care about a crescent moon?
Winston: I don’t know, but I’m gonna live up there someday.

It’s more lovable if you watch it. That quote doesn’t really translate well to strict typage. Just watch the episode (SideReel now or Hulu next week).

Winston: “What Can Old People Do?”… “Does It Taste Better With Hot Sauce?”

With that one, you need context. So, go watch it. You’ll at least smile.

Back to space… this is the most epic space-inspired musical masterpiece of all time. Sorry, Gustav Holst. James Horner wins.

Physics is my #1 love. Anything having to do with mass and special relativity is my jam. When I need motivation, I think about space and elementary particles and listen to the Apollo 13 theme. It puts things in perspective somehow. And makes me feel joy from the inside out. Most happiness, even excess happiness, is just something you kind of feel on the outside. Physics and the universe make me feel happiness in the endiocardium of my heart and the ventricles of my brain. I kind of feel it in my spinal column, too. I just like physically connect with it. And I don’t know why. I guess it just makes everything I’m looking at come alive because I think of what’s going on at lower levels to make it that way? It’s trippy. Even if thinking about these things is entirely unrelated to what I’m trying to motivate myself for (and 99.999999% of the time, it is), I still hit like power mode and conquer all fears and tasks.

All I ever wanted as a kid was a NASA jumpsuit. And I just found out that you can go to Space Camp as an adult. SIGN ME UP. I thought that ship sailed years ago. After nursing school graduation, I’m going to Space Camp as a reward for my hard work. And/or Harry Potter Land.

“Why are you so happy being a nurse when it seems like you should be working towards becoming some kind of NASA badass?” you ask? Because I hate actually doing physics. The real work of physicists and engineers is doing math and computer programming and that kind of thing. And I truly love math with all my heart but I’d freak out if I had to do that all the time. I also need to interact with people. Basically, I’m not a physicist or engineer for the same reasons I wasn’t a lawyer.

Sophomore year of college I was powering through astrophysics and quantum physics books (because the Carnegie Library is AWESOME) and I decided that physics made me way way way happier than anything else so I signed up for Physics 1 and then dropped the class 3 weeks later because I was sick of doing problems about pulleys and balls rolling down hills. I didn’t take physics in high school and I guess I just expected it to be a lot cooler. I rocked that shit and was doing really well in the class, but it was just so boring I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted lecture to be about how awesome stuff was and not 50 minutes of equations. Physics problems are not as fun as chemistry problems. And I talked to this physics major kid who was kind of sitting in on lecture because he was prepping for a TA gig or something and I was like “Is this what I’m going to be doing as a physicist or engineer?” and he was like “Yep, pretty much.” So, I went straight to Thaw Hall and dropped that shit like it was hot.

It just wasn’t gonna work out as a career.

But if we ever have a space colony or something and a staff of medical professionals is needed, I’M THERE. And more realistically, if we ever have space shuttle missions again, I’m gonna go be an astronaut nurse. I don’t even care if I have to live in Texas or Florida. Obviously, my kids will totally be ok with the abrupt relocation because they’ll love astronauts, too.

Here’s an awesome (although, old) article.

We don’t launch spacecraft, but they don’t launch them without us.
– Space Gateway Support motto

Moving on, anyone wanna tell me why the Discovery Channel is full of crappy reality TV shows now? I haven’t had cable for years, but every time I go to my parents house, I try to watch Discovery and get super bummed out. It should be more Human Planet and less All-Star Dealers. Although, I did kind of like the one episode of Moonshiners that I saw and everyone says Ragin Cajuns is interesting. Also, Deadliest Catch is sweet. And Cash Cab is always a good time. But I kind of feel like those things, even if they’re cool, are just not what Discovery used to be. I always have to switch to NatGeo, the Travel channel, the Science channel or sometimes Animal Planet. Even the History channel is exponentially better these days.

Here’s a list of awesome shows on the History channel that perhaps make more sense as Discovery channel programming:
– How The Earth Was Made
– Around The World In 80 Ways
– Underwater Universe
– Food Tech
– Mystery Quest
– Monster Quest
– The Universe
– Jurassic Fight Club (R.I.P.)

And Top Gear (US) doesn’t really make sense on either channel, but it’s awesome. And nearly as good as Top Gear (UK). I wish there was an Awesome channel that basically had all the cool shows I want to watch from all the channels I’ve mentioned (and HGTV… I love love love House Hunters). Everything else is personalized these days. Why can’t my TV viewing be personalized, too?

Get it together, 2012. You’re letting me down. This is the future.

And a message to 2015: My expectation is that this will be a reality by the time you arrive, so make it happen. Because I’ve had that expectation my whole life and will be absolutely disappointed if instant hydrated pizzas aren’t feasible yet. I also want these because, quite frankly, I’m tired of tying my shoes. Also, they’re fly as hell. Why am I not including hover boards on the list of things I want in 2015? Because I would fall off. Every time. Forever. I lack adequate balance for all activities that require even a shred of balance. My mom put me in ballet when I was little to correct this problem. It only partially corrected the problem. Even 100 years of ballet would not entirely correct the problem.

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