ESPN Currently Fails To Meet My Standards For Ethical And Honorable Sports Journalism

Before I get started with the bit about ESPN, you need to read this because it’s of the highest importance. 4.87 40 from a guy who’s 6’4″ and 346 lbs. DAMN. Dontari Poe is the badass of the week. I need him to be one of the new Steelers.

Anyway… on to ESPN. I’m boycotting it. Their hypocrisy regarding the Syracuse basketball scandal in the context of how they slammed JoePa (even though ESPN essentially committed a worse crime than he did because they had cold hard evidence) was almost enough for me to boycott them a few months ago.

But I’m actually done for real now. And this, as Binks so eloquently put it, is why:

ESPN, in their coverage of the Nationwide Race, provided an audio clip of Danica Patrick’s in-car radio where she talked about how hectic it was, making her sound nervous like she couldn’t handle it two laps before she wrecked. I am sure other drivers have said the same thing but Danica’s makes it on the highlight reel because she is a girl and they want to make her seem inadequate. ESPN, your worldwide leader in sports.

Not gonna lie though… I’ll definitely miss the “This is SportsCenter” commercials. Forever my favorite. But I’ll find a way to deal.

For all my other sports-related needs, I have the internet so don’t think that my brackets will fail to be adequate, Ben. Since Pitt is having an off-year, my clarity has been restored. “100% objectivity, 0% heart” is my 2012 bracket motto. And, now that I think about it, kind of my 2012 life motto too.

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