Christmas Eve

So… not only did Pitt suck so bad that they didn’t make the NCAA tournament, but they didn’t even make the NIT either. Good luck in the CBI, guys?

Such is the nature of being a Pitt football/basketball fan. Just when you think you can’t be more disappointed than you already are, you become even more disappointed.

The only time I remember the reverse happening was in 2007 when the football team, after an outrageously unremarkable season, rose to the challenge in the most epic defeat of all time and kept WVU out of the national championship game. That was quite unexpected.

In all my 6ish years of being a Pitt fan, that’s the only time I remember being surprised in a good way.

Maybe the basketball team can get it together for next year. FORTHELOVEOFGODPLEASEJUSTMAKEITTOTHEFINALFOUR. But really, I’m not holding my breath.

At least I have St. Bonaventure to root for this year. And Lehigh, too! Suck it, Duke.

My dad so eloquently summed up the catch-22 woes of March Madness. He said,

I am rooting for Lehigh. I’m going to wear my Lehigh tie on friday. However, I’m still picking Duke in my bracket.

Sigh. Allegiances and alma maters vs. glory, honor, and cash.

Friday is truly going to be the best day ever because I don’t have clinicals or lecture so it’s going to be me on the couch by myself working on my care plans and watching basketball all damn day. In my undies. And St. Bonaventure t-shirt. Until it’s time to put my Lehigh sweatshirt over top of it. Well, that seems kind of top/bottom disproportionate. And that’s weird. But I’m kind of opposed to wearing shorts or pants on days when I’m lazy and watch sports all day on the couch. And if I don’t support my teams by wearing these articles of clothing, they have no chance of winning. I’ll get over the disproportionality.

Relatedly, my dream life is eating banana pancakes while watching Premier League soccer in my undies on a lazy weekend morning. Someday when I’m done with school and all my student loans are paid off and I can afford cable, my dream life will become my real life.

Anyway, watch this 10 times. And listen to this 20 times. You’re welcome.


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