Amen Omen

There has to be a lesson in today. It was too terrible to have happened for no reason.

Ordered from most terrible to least terrible:

1) Psych clinicals started today. I’m beyond frustrated. I know that nursing is like nothing no one has ever done until they do it. But damn. Today kicked my ass. I know that this is something that just takes practice and no one is going to be perfect on the first day, but I have a failure complex or something and sometimes (when people are involved) anything short of perfect feels like a failure to me. I’m good at therapeutic type interactions when there aren’t specific objectives other than making the person feel better by simple interacting with them. Now I have lists of things to address of info and assessment purposes and it’s hard to find a good balance.
2) Even being at my clinical site for 7 short hours reignited my hostility towards Republicans. WE NEED MORE FUNDING FOR ALL SOCIAL SERVICES. WE NEED MORE HEALTHCARE REFORM. How do you people not get that?
3) Somehow the key to my apartment broke off my key ring today and I had to track down my landlord at the end of an exhausting day just to get into my home. Fuck. I hate living alone right now. Taxes and key mishaps. The list of reasons to get married are growing.
4) I realized that the Avett Brothers show is basically the same time as the Lehigh/Duke game. That was a no brainer. Lehigh wins. Even if when they lose, it will have been worth it. I already sold my ticket. But I’m still bummed that I have to miss the Avett Brothers AGAIN. I also wish I was at home to watch the game with my dad. I’m gonna be the only one at the bar rooting for Lehigh. I will definitely be missing the sense of community that sports provide. It’s not really an issue of being in the minority, but more the fact that there’s no one to share the joyful moments with.

Anyway, due to the shittiness of these things, I came home and collapsed on my couch and watched Ben Harper things on Hulu and drank lots of hot mint tea. I will rally again tomorrow.

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