Why Don’t You Kick Yourself Out? You’re An Immigrant, Too

Icky Thump – The White Stripes

Tomorrow, while you’re out binge drinking and making a mockery of an Irish holiday (I’ll be doing the same), I want you to think about how you’re benefitting from the diversity that was brought to this country via immigration.

Unless you’re 100% Native American, some (if not all) of your ancestors have come from somewhere else. And many of them weren’t welcome when they got here for a lot of the same ignorant reasons that are at the root of the Mexican immigration issue.

We’re a country of immigrants and every new group of people that has come to America has added something invaluable… politically, culturally, economically, etc.

I think we need a 2012 immigration policy update. Americans everywhere are already using the Cinco de Mayo holiday as an excuse to get drunk and eat tacos so I find it to be outrageously fucked up that citizenship is so unobtainable to so many Mexicans who want it. It’s like, “Here… let’s bastardize your holiday and also keep you from coming to America. We want your culture but not you.”

Semi-relevant: This border patrol promotional video is so ridiculous that I thought it was fake at first. It’s such messed up propaganda. I saw a border patrol SUV for the first time yesterday and it was unsettling.

My bitterness today is a combination of seeing the border patrol in real life, reading Marisol’s policy thesis on immigration stuff (she’s going to change the world, by the way), and also organizing my old Latin American studies books on the new bookcase (everything came flooding back).

But moving on to happier things because I’m really truly not trying to be Debbie Downer here…

LEHIGH BEAT DUKE!!!! I definitely went through all the steps of an elation-induced collapse. I’m outrageously happy.

Unfortunately, St. Bonaventure didn’t fare so well earlier in the day. They were dominating so awesomely and then somehow lost the game. Bitter heartbreak. Thank goodness Lehigh is helping me to forget that pain.

My dad called me after the Lehigh game was over and he was basically giddy. My dad is kind of emotionally flat normally. But not when it comes to Lehigh beating Duke, I guess.

While I’m on the “let’s look at old pictures” kick… Here’s one of me and Mary on the Lehigh campus back in the day.

We were definitely being baby adults and having some kind of deep intellectual conversation about life. This will forever be one of my favorite pictures of us.

I also associate Lehigh with soccer (and therefore love) in my brain because that’s where my first soccer memories took place.

That ball was a fake though! It was soft and had stuffing inside. We didn’t get a real one until I was like 5. #oldestchildproblems

Also, my hair is super stupid in that picture. I’m glad I get to make my own style decisions now. Everyone wants to be a kid again but I’m quite content being 24.

I’m 3.5 months away from 25! That’s insane. 25 is old.

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