Cohort Is A Grad School Word

Mary’s stressed e-mails are my favorite. I’ve emphasized my favorite parts using the ever reliable bold feature.

Today has gone precisely like this:

5:30am- get up to run/walk
5:37am- realize it’s dark out and I want to sleep
6:30am- wake up, shower, eat breakfast, sing Miranda Lambert for some girl power to get me motivated for my day
7:30am- go up to my office, realize that half the grad students are already there working, I feel like a failure
8:30am- stuff a bagillion envelopes with surveys and seal them up; socialize with cohort in the process
10:20am- sit down at my desk, realize I haven’t done shit yet, and I have a 11 page paper to write before class at 3:30


at 11:15- I have to give a test
from 1-3 I have office hours to console students who just took said test and think they’ve failed/give a makeup test to anyone who ‘accidentally slept through’ the exam


Class: 3:30-6… rush home, pee, grab an apple, and head off to Youth group tonight at 6:30

How am I supposed to be a functioning mentor for the youth of America after today’s business?

Sorry for the scheduling rant. You’re life is way more busy than mine. I just feel like I’m drowning today.

Love you!!!

This was the follow up later in the day…

11 page paper done in 2 hours. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.


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