Post-Pregnancy Bodies

I know this site (NSFW) is supposed to empower me as a woman. But honestly, it makes me kind of not ever want to give birth to children. And that makes me feel like a vain and backwards woman. But it also means that 3-4 kids who need a good home will have one.

Realistically, probably just 1-2 kids because I’m most likely on my own with this one. Every guy I’ve ever known has been opposed to marrying a woman who wanted to adopt from the start (essentially, the ones wanting to adopt for reasons other than age, infertility, etc). It’s biology or something. Men subconsciously (or consciously) feel the need to pass on their genes. Or it’s fucked up cultural/societal masculinity. I haven’t determined which theory is more accurate. Maybe it’s both. Nature and nurture.

They always say something along the lines of “I wouldn’t love someone else’s kid as much as my own.”

Fuck that. I love all kids.

And fathers with adopted kids and step-kids do often love them just as much as they love (or would love) their biological children.

Still… guys who want to adopt from the get-go are probably non-existent. Find me a man who wants to adopt 3-4 kids and I will marry him. No questions asked.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m hoping that the guys I know are anti-adoption just they’re young and immature and stupid about everything right now. I’m happy that it’s 2012 and I’m allowed to fierce without feeling marginalized. But I also wish the men of our generation hadn’t assumed a new role as irresponsible pussies.


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