Is It 2013 Yet?

The fact that this is a constant thought in my head is kind of disgusting to me. That’s a whole year. I’m ready to just be done with a whole damn year? That’s a waste of precious life time. I value life time, down to the second.

And I’m becoming increasingly frustrated that my life is passing me by while I’m in nursing school. Another absolutely beautiful day wasted inside studying and working on assignments.

After the first month, I couldn’t believe that a month had already gone by. After the second month, I felt like the next 9.5 months would be rough but manageable. Now that we’re nearing the end of the 3rd month, it feels like there are 200 months left. On Memorial Day, when I’m taking a final, I’m going to be the most bitter girl in the state of Alabama. On the 4th of July, when I’m sitting in class all day, I’m going to be the most bitter girl in the entire world. 100mg of motivation IM, please?

Here is today’s Sunday morning song: Something Salty, Something Sweet

Here is today’s Sunday afternoon song:  Bullet to Binary

Notice the progression from happiness to angst. I’ve been doing work for 8 hours. I still have another 6+ hours of work to do. Sigh.

Whatever. At least I know that if I can survive this on my own, I can survive anything on my own. I’m fierce. Like a little Spartan warrior of learning or something.

However, to further complicate my stress problem, I’m pretty sure there’s a hoard of rodents living in the walls of my building. And they must have just reproduced because all I hear are loud rodent screeches day and night. One of them is so big that it sounds like there’s a small dog scratching up and down the wall. This makes me want to cry. And get a cat. As far as I know, there’s no hole big enough for them to actually get into my apartment. Or else they would have already by now, right? It’s still outrageously unsettling and I can never relax. I thought I’d be used to them by now. Nope.

Next time I have an ounce of spare time, I’m going to peppermint oil the shit out of my baseboards.

Until then, I’m going to periodically close my eyes, visualize the beach, and sing River City Extension songs.

Way-ah way-ah way-ah way-ah


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