Mary’s Stressed Out E-mails: Part 2

The title of this one was “Shit, Shit, Shit… I Can’t Do Life”

And the best part of it was that she linked the clip of Binks’ ridiculous 9th grade basketball game at the end.

I love my siblings more than anything else. I also love that Binks refers to his early teenage self, in the third person, as “fat Dan.” He never says stuff like “Remember when I was 13 and…?” He says stuff like “Remember when fat Dan…?” Ahahaha. He was kind of tubby, not gonna lie.

My favorite part is the fall. And the fact that he used to be a terrible runner. For real. Who runs like that?!? I feel like his running style probably contributed to the fall.

Thank God he hit a growth spurt and got his shit together. But I’m happy that we have those little “fat Dan” moments to cherish forever. Sometimes I still laugh so hard I cry when I watch that clip.

I think that this little video should be our family symbol of failure. Anytime we need to communicate that we feel like we’re failing, we’ll just send the link. And everyone will know exactly what it means. Like… “Damn, Liz must be having a ‘fat Dan’ moment right now.”


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