Things That I’m Obsessed With: Mad Men and Iceland Edition

Thank God Mad Men is back. I have been waiting like I’ve never waited for anything before. The character dynamics of that show are outrageously entertaining. There’s drama, obviously, but it’s not overtly ridiculous. Some shows take it too far. Mad Men flirts with the “too far” line but never crosses it. The subtlety is maintained. That makes it more engaging/addicting.

My favorite line was when Joan told Lane, “It’s home but it’s not everything.” Fucking damn good TV. I love Joan.

Related to character dynamics, character development in general is awesome too. These are things that every person says about Mad Men. And says them better than I do. I just need to let it be known that this show is one of the best you’ll ever see. So if you haven’t hopped on the Mad Men train to happiness, it’s coming to a station near you. Start at Season 1. You might end up watching 8 episodes in one day. Don’t feel ashamed. Just ride the wave of cable entertainment.

The writing is amazing and there are just amazing subtle “extras” you pick up on. It’s like analyzing a good film. I didn’t know anyone could make TV like this.

Moving on to Iceland… which has nothing to do with Mad Men.

I’ve become more or less obsessed with it. You can blame House Hunters International. In my search for background noise while I worked on stuff all weekend, I discovered that the HGTV website has all kinds of episodes. Hells yes. Why do people pay for cable anymore? Anyway, I’m dreaming of far off lands regularly again. You can partially blame my shower curtain as well.

Iceland seems like a place I need to live for at least a year. 25 things you didn’t know about Iceland.

It’s super progressive! Same-sex marriage is totally legal for everyone. And it’s geologically GORGEOUS. And doesn’t even get as cold as NYC in the winter. And has the northernmost capital in the world. And the population of the whole country is just a little bigger than Pittsburgh. And it’s close to Norway (which I already decided a long time ago that I need to visit someday). You can see the Aurora Borealis (on my bucket list for sure!). Also, RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES AND FUTURE ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! The little fuzzy horses are adorable too. And the best part: people kind of believe in elves.

…while only 20% of the Icelandic population says they believe in the existence of elves, 80% say they aren’t willing to rule out the possibility.

I’m maybe not willing to rule out the possibility of elves either… not gonna lie.

Apparently there was a HHI episode in Reykjavik. I need to see this. ASAP.

And in 10 years, y’all are probably going to be saying, “Liz pulled another crazy and now she’s moving to Iceland.” Alabama is just the beginning, guys.

I feel like it’s calling me. The elves are calling me. There’s some kind of magnetic force between my heart and the volcanoes. I don’t know. Someone’s going to diagnose me with schizophrenia someday… I’m sure of it. Well, if I was going to become schizophrenic, it probably would have happened already. I’m getting too old basically. A little past my prime for a psychotic break. Phew. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Seriously though… if Overactive Imagination Disorder and/or Wanderlust ever become clinical diagnoses in the DSM, I’m screwed. Wanderlust has to be put in there at some point. It’s debilitating. I can hardly function as a real person anymore.

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