Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Part 1

This gem came from r/relationships. And yes, I am subscribed to it. I’m a girl. Emotions are my thing.

Anyway, the back story is that this one girl posted about confronting her BF about shit and how he then said he’d stop and that he wanted to be with her, etc. The classic scenario. Basically all that bullshit that guys are so good at. The bullshit we always fall for. So, this other girl posted some advice. Great advice, actually.

Well. I typically try to be very explanatory and gentle but I think I’ll try on a new hat for today. Drop him. Like a dead dove.

You probably won’t. I’ve been there too. But not dumping him means a lot more manipulation and crying. You’ll get tired of it eventually or he will. If you wanna feel awesome tell him to fuck right off and leave. Never talk to him again and laugh over drinks with your lady friends. Cry at home alone but not for too long. You’ll get over it.

NO. Stop it. I know you’re thinking “but, but, but…”. Just stop. Pretend you’re the kickassest, most independent take no shit mama that ever was. Fake it. Now.


This advice is primarily for those ladies who haven’t arrived at that conclusion on their own yet. But it’s also a good refresher for those of us who have been there and done that. Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

Example: I thought I was finally at that point. And I was good and strong for 4 months. Then November 2011 happened. And I learned my lesson the extra hard way. So hard, in fact, that I will forever be a “take no shit mama” at all times for the rest of my life. In that regard, it’s good. But if I could have been spared the pain with the help of a little reminder like that girl’s advice, I would have obviously preferred it.

This is your reminder. Stay strong. Walk out the door. Don’t listen to him when he says he needs you or loves you or wants you or will change. Because when he says that, he’s actually just being a heartless asshole.

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