It’s A Phone With A Peel

I haven’t slept in 31.5 hours. At 8:30 this morning, I had a one hour head to toe physical examination practical. Killer. At least I’ll never ever forget the cranial nerves and their functions as long as I live. They are burned into my brain.

The sanity side of me wants to punch the overachiever side of me in the face. I could have just enrolled in a regular accelerated BSN program. But no. I had to enroll in an accelerated BSN/MSN program. Meaning that when I graduate, I’ll have 5 classes done toward a Master’s degree. This physical exam was for a grad level class. All the other nurses I know said they had to do nothing of the sort when they were getting their BSN.

And the fact that I probably didn’t do as well as I should have has given me new motivation to work harder though.

All I want to be is the most badass nurse I can be. And I feel like I’m failing. I think I’m going to review some things before the next clinical rotation which starts on Monday. I need to get my butt in gear and step it up. Only in nursing school do you study on break. When you don’t even have an exam coming up.

But I also have a decently big assignment due on Monday that has yet to be completed. Sigh.

I’m tired.

One of my occipital lymph nodes is swollen.

The reason I didn’t go to bed immediately when I got home is because I didn’t want my sleep schedule to get all wonky. If I tried to take a short nap, it would inevitably turn into a 10 hour nap. So, Rachel and I went to Callaghan’s and had lunch. It ended with bread pudding to celebrate getting past the practical that was like 45% of our grade or something.

But then I had to fight bread pudding sleepiness on top of the sleepiness from being up for 25 hours at that point. And I’m still fighting sleepiness. But at 8PM, I think I can safely go to bed and still be on a relatively normal sleep schedule.

1.5 hrs. I can do this.

An Idiot Abroad is helping. Freaking hilarious. If you’ve never watched it, I think you should. It will warm even the most weary souls with laughter. And since it’s a travel show, you get to see lots of cool stuff.

Also, Bananaphone. It’s a classic. So soothing and catchy. Some Raffi songs are universally enjoyable, regardless of age. The man has such a smooth voice. You can’t deny that.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about Sunday because it was the best day ever.

Until then I’m counting down the minutes until it’s 8. At which point I’m going to turn down the air conditioning setting from 76 degrees to 72 degrees because I deserve a night of restful luxury in a temperature that’s low enough to allow me to use my super comfy comforter. Then I’m going to not set an alarm and sleep until my body hurts from laying down for too long.


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