Shark Week

Disclaimer: Males, you will HATE this post. Just skip it.

I think I came across this 15 minute documentary on Jezebel today. At first, I was like “Great! This sounds interesting.” But then 5 minutes in, my opinion changed to “Good God… It’s just a freaking Diva Cup! No need to overintellectualize it.”

The only thoughts/feelings I have ever had about my Diva Cup:

You pop it in, you pop it out, and you have a healthy, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly period. It’s also more cost-effective than buying tampons all the time. I love it. The end.

Beyond that, there’s nothing to discuss really.

But for those of you who are considering getting one, let me also add that once you get the hang of it, your life is forever changed. Getting the hang of it can be tricky though. It’s easier for some than others. Here’s an entertaining review on Amazon.

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