The Frozen Concoction That Helps Me Hang On

Jimmy Buffet. You either hate him or you appreciate the ridiculousness for what it is and love him. I fall into the latter category.

The first line of Margaritaville is this:

Nibblin’ on spongecake

Best. First line. Ever.

That’s a sentiment I can definitely get behind. You know it’s gonna be an awesome song after that. Especially because the second line is:

Watchin’ the sun bake

Someday, I hope to have a swimming pool. Once this happens, I’m going to have ridiculous Jimmy Buffet pool parties all the time. Where everyone gets to booze it up. Obviously.

I hear Margaritaville at least once a week on the radio. Previously (i.e. pre-move), I’d heard the whole thing straight through maybe 5 times in my whole life. I don’t know if they play this excessively because I live near the beach and there’s definitely a relaxed Gulf Coast lifestyle that’s conducive to Jimmy Buffet listening or because Jimmy Buffet is from Mobile. It could be a combo of both. Either way, I’m not complaining. The fact that this is Jimmy Buffet’s hometown makes me love it so much more. If I didn’t physiologically need to move to NOLA, I would absolutely stay here. Maybe forever.

I love the radio.

And I love pop music. I know that’s blowing your mind right now. Especially because I used to be such a punk ass kid. After I get around to finally writing Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Part 2, I’ll write a whole post on how much I love Jason Derulo. Last year sometime, when I was listing all my current radio favorites (Whatcha Say, Ridin’ Solo, In My Head), someone mentioned to me that they were all by the same guy. I’ve never been the same since. It was an awakening. Plus, now there’s It Girl which is my current favorite song. The lyrics are DUMB AS HELL…

You could be my ‘it girl’
Baby, you’re the shit, girl
Loving you could be a crime
Crazy how we fit, girl
This is it, girl
Give me 25 to life

…but for some reason, Jason Derulo pulls them off.

And Fight For You combines my love for Jason Derulo AND Toto (Rosanna, Hold The Line, Africa). Sometimes, I just listen to Jason Derulo songs over and over, day and night.

Bruno Mars, too. Anything he touches turns to pop music gold, in my opinion. Proof:

He became recognized as a solo artist after lending his vocals and co-writing the hooks for the songs “Nothin’ on You” by B.o.B, and “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy. He also co-wrote the hits “Right Round” by Flo Rida featuring Ke$ha, and “Wavin’ Flag” by K’naan. In October 2010, he released his debut album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans. Anchored by the worldwide number-one singles “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade”, the album peaked at number three on the Billboard 200.
– Wikipedia

HE CO-WROTE WAVIN’ FLAG? I didn’t actually know that ’til right now. It was my favorite song for months and months during the summer/fall of 2010. On repeat 24/7. I mean, hell, even now I still listen to it way more than a person should probably listen to one song. And since I’ve acquired the knowledge that Bruno Mars had something to do with this, I love him 500x more… bringing my total Bruno Mars love to an astronomical level.

Plus, his performance at the Grammy’s was SO FREAKING GOOD. The man knows how to entertain. Goddamn. I’m about to watch that another 4 times in a row. I would catch a grenade for Bruno Mars.

Here are some other “atypically Liz” surprises:

I love Paradise despite generally being a Coldplay hater… sans The Scientist, of course. In my opinion, it was one of the greatest songs of the 2000s. Definitely top 10.

And I don’t even really hate Biebs as much anymore because the chorus of his new song is damn catchy. Although that whistle/hawk-sounding thing that plays over and over and over throughout it gives me a headache. And the verses are godawful.

There are a ton of good songs on the radio right now. Off the top of my head:
Call Me Maybe
What Makes You Beautiful
Good Feeling
International Love (I fucking hate Chris Brown, though)
Say You Like Me
Glad You Came
Rumor Has It
In The Dark 
Where Them Girls At

I could go on and on about my love for Beyonce also. But since you’re probably sick of hearing about my obsessions with select pop artists, I’ll spare you that. Still, I listen to Countdown at least once a day. And that video, like all Beyonce videos, is awesome. I want to be Beyonce. And Shakira.

Oye papi, vuelveme loca

…En serio.

I really need to move back to South America someday. Maybe that’s the step between NOLA and the return to Pittsburgh. My biggest life regret (aside from dating Matt for as long as I did) is not maintaining the semi-fluency I had after Chile. I’m sure it’ll be easier to pick it back up the second time around, but still… I should have kept going instead of letting my Spanish slip.

Anyway, all tangents aside, I feel lighter these days. And pop music reflects that feeling. So, that’s why it’s mostly all I’ve been listening to these days (aside from Rage Against the Machine because that’s good music for all moods). Mobile is a very healing place. I was thinking that maybe the peace was just due to leaving Pittsburgh in general or the nursing school distraction, but I really think it’s this specific place that’s responsible. If I’d gone to Chicago or something, I’d still be a bitter heartbroken mess.

If I had to do a campaign for the city of Mobile, I’d highlight the fact that it can basically be a sanctuary for people who are trying to escape emotional distress, huge life disappointments, severe shocks and unplanned events, general depression, etc. Good food. Good music. Good weather. Close to the beach. Not too big. Not too small. Not too busy. Not too laid back. Not too quiet. Not too loud. It’s pretty inexpensive to live here too. My apartment isn’t the nicest or newest apartment in the world but it’s clean and comfortable and it’s on a really safe and quiet street and it’s huge and only costs $475/month. The same apartment in the same type of place in Pittsburgh would probably be at least $200 more. And people consider Pittsburgh to have a relatively affordable cost of living.

Plus, with your free library membership at the Mobile library, they give you a keytag! If you want a keytag at the Carnegie libraries in Pittsburgh, you have to get the paid membership. To me, this is awesome. Because I hate having to pull the library card out of my wallet.

And Winn Dixie chicken nuggets are the best chicken nuggets I’ve ever had. Aside from the spicy ones at Wendy’s. But you can’t get those at the grocery store.

So… Need to get away? Don’t know what the next step is? Want to start over? Would like to reinvent yourself? Just feel listless and bummed out? Mobile, AL is your city.

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