A Very Unhappy Sunday

Usually Sundays are the best day of the week!

But this one sucks.

1) The Pens are a FREAKING DISASTER again. This is ridiculous. WTF.
2) This paper on fluids and electrolytes is really really hard.

I watch the game and feel misery then I go back to the paper and feel despair then I return to the game and it’s anguish then back to the paper for more suffering.

It’s a sick cycle of sadness.

Fuck the announcers. Asshats.

And pull Fleury. If you can’t control rebounds in the playoffs, YOU ARE USELESS TO ME. Although, to be fair, everyone else on the team is kind of hanging him out to dry.

Why does it have to be the Flyers?! If we’re gonna lose like this, why can’t it be to another team? Any other team. For real, I’d rather be losing to the Capitals right now. I may never say that again, but in this moment, it is absolutely true.

I’m not giving up until it’s over though. I’m not gonna feel the soul-piercing grief until Philly has won their 4th game.

Everyone get down on their knees and start praying.

Go Pens.

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