“I’d Rather Lose As A Penguins Fan Than Win As A Flyers Fan”

So, they lost. No surprises there, I guess. I’m still holding out for a huge comeback. The Pens are gonna be the 5th team in history to pull this off.

Shortly after the game, I realized that I had four textbooks open. And they’d been open for hours. So, I quit temporarily.

This paper isn’t even due until Tuesday. But thank God I was bored and decided to start it early because if I’d started it at the same time tomorrow, it would have been a piece of shit for real and maybe not even completely finished on time. Essentially, we have to explain, in pathological terms,  all the abnormal data from a fake patient’s initial assessment upon being admitted to the hospital. Nursing is not what it used to be. At the end of school, I’ll be on my way to becoming a badass healthcare professional. But for now, I’m buried under 500 pounds of textbook pages.

Anyway, back to the quitting. I decided to invent a new dish during my time away from this paper. Taco Turkey Burgers are about to become a nationwide sensation. The recipe is still in the working phase though because they’re not done yet. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

I’m afraid to Google this in case someone already invented Taco Turkey Burgers. It would take the wind out of my paper break sails.

Once my dad and I thought we invented horseradish mac n cheese. Then I Googled it. And found out that we definitely did not. Sigh.

Karl understands. Start at 39:52.

Anyway, tonight for dinner if the Taco Turkey Burgers are a huge failure: Asian Baked Tofu. I’m obsessed with everything that has anything to do with sesame flavors. I bought sesame dressing and now basically every food choice I make is dependent upon whether I can put the dressing on it. I think I’m just craving sushi and that’s as close as I can get right now due to budgetary constraints. I think I’m gonna start putting wasabi on everything too.

What I wouldn’t give for one roll of sushi with a light drizzle of magic sushi sesame sauce and a little bit of wasabi on each bite.

Some people have sexual fantasies or fairytale fantasies. I just have food fantasies.

Check it out. The bottom 10% of RNs make $44,190. Good Lord. Even that seems like an outrageously high amount of money to be making as just one person supporting only herself. I’m going to be rich enough to eat sushi every day! Bring it on, mercury poisoning.

I know that sushi isn’t even that expensive. But for real, this is what I’m living off of right now:
– cereal
– rice
– all types of beans
– yogurt
– frozen veggies
– cheap fruits like bananas
– eggs
– pasta
– tuna
– tofu
– either chicken or turkey, depending on what was cheapest that week

Granted, you can combine all that stuff in different ways and use different spices and make a lot of different meals. But at the same time, I anxiously await the day I can go to the grocery store and get whatever I want. Because, for real, I just want to go crazy in the cookie aisle. And eat a steak.

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