In Which I Confess My Undying Devotion To Jamar Rogers

First of all, his soul is outrageously beautiful. He’s SO REAL. Such an inspirational guy.

I decided awhile ago to live for something greater than myself.

And there’s nothing more remarkable about me than the next person. We are all created for more. And when you know your purpose, then you can attack that passion with purpose.

I don’t subscribe to religion. I don’t subscribe to man made rules or… I talk to God.

Secondly, he loves Goodie Mob.

Plus, he’s SO TALENTED.

He auditioned with Seven Nation Army. One of my favorite songs of all time. And absolutely did it justice in such a unique way. He basically made it a different, but equally as awesome, song.

And last week, he TORE IT UP with Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Next week, I want him to sing Home because, goddammit, I love that song. And if I ruled the world, Jamar Rogers is the only person who would ever be allowed to cover it.

Primarily because he seems to have no problem doing an awesome job of covering my favorite songs so I trust him.
– e.g. Nothing Compares 2 U… Incidentally, I had no idea that Prince wrote this song until just now. Awesome.

I wish I could be even half as cool as Jamar Rogers.

Semi-relatedly, I also wish I could be even half as cool as Imelda May. But that’s a topic for another day.

Also, how the HELL did I not know about this until right now? I just happened to see it in the right side video column while perusing YouTube.

My love for Gnarls Barkley knows no limits. And I already mentioned how staggeringly good Reckoner is.

So, the combination of those two things together is actually mind-blowing. I don’t think I can recover from the shock. I think I’ll just continue to be blissed out for the rest of my life now. Thank you, internet.

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