Physiology With Liz… Episode 1: The Surprise Attack Breath

No more crazy Steelers posts. I thought Drew already talked to you about this.
– Ben

Sigh. Fine… That’s the last one for awhile.

Here’s a super cool sciencey information post.

You know how sometimes you’ll be sitting or laying somewhere and all of a sudden you take a huge gasping breath out of nowhere?

Well, I guess it’s not really gasping. For me, it’s a super rapid and quick spontaneous inhale. It’s just like you kind of inhale really deeply out of the blue for no reason.

There is a reason, though!

If you’ve ever been like “Hmm, I wonder why I take that funny breath sometimes?” then this post is for you.

The answer is that when you’re sitting for a long period of time in the same position (or laying down), you’re essentially hypoventilating due to stillness. So what happens as a result is the CO2 builds up in your lungs and stimulates you to breathe that huge breath. With that huge breath, you’re able to blow off the CO2 and O2/CO2 levels go back to normal.

In everyone except COPD (or similarly compromised) people, the stimulus to breathe is actually a build up of CO2 and not lack of O2.

This is also why you yawn sometimes. It doesn’t account for every yawn. But it accounts for some of them.

I totally geeked out in A&P but now nursing has taken my nerdiness to a whole new level. I can’t stop thinking about how our bodies work.

Ok, boys… I hope that was intellectually stimulating enough for you since you seem to think that passionately discussing the Steelers is something only a neandertal would do.

Sometimes new friends ask me why I don’t date one of my best guy friends since we’re so close. Their inability to appreciate the Steelers is one of the reasons. And the fact that we’ve been friends for so long that I’m not really attracted to them. And we have different values and want different things out of life.

Real life isn’t like a chick flick where one day you wake up and realize that your best friend is what you’ve been looking for all along.

Here’s a hilarious “documentary” about why guys and girls can’t actually be friends though. Maybe I’m way off base about the nature of our friendship dynamics.

Hooking up is different than dating though. We’d probably hook up given the right circumstance. But never would we ever date.


2 responses to “Physiology With Liz… Episode 1: The Surprise Attack Breath

  1. That hilarious “documentary” happened at good ole’ USU

  2. why don’t you ever comment when it comes to things i want your input on and then post out of the blue with a fact that i already know

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