39% Done

Knowing that I’m more than 1/3 done with this isn’t good enough. I needed a more exact figure in order to stay calm.

Now that grades for the spring semester have been officially submitted, I just realized that I took 31 credits of nursing classes in one semester. And 16 of those credits were grad level.


I probably should have paid attention to what this actually entailed before I signed up. Because that’s freaking insane. I think in college, I never took more than 18 credits in one semester. No wonder I’m exhausted all the damn time.

This 7 week clinical rotation is kicking my butt in terms of sleep and desire to be alive. Which is why I’m falling off the blog post wagon. There’s never any time to catch up on missed sleep or relax, let alone type nonsense.

1.5 weeks to go, though. And a little over one week ’til I’m HOME in Pittsburgh for the weekend! I think my flight gets in around 4PM next Friday. Then I have to turn around right after the wedding and get back on a plane on Sunday night. Sigh. I might not make it to December. I’m going to become one of the lost children of nursing school.

At least tomorrow morning I get to watch a surgery or two. Maybe that will be the speed boost I need to make it through another semester. Please please please please please be a total knee replacement. I’m dying to see one.

Anyway, here’s what I initially planned on sharing in this post:

I think I’ve started collecting YouTube videos of children being rockstars in cars… Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2


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