Ginger Problems

I’m currently sitting on an assortment of ice packs because I drank too many hurricanes at the beach and failed to reapply sunscreen appropriately so the back of my legs are super pink and hurt quite a lot. If you’re prone to sunburns, you know that if a sunburn is already hurting within a few hours of leaving the beach, you have a rough couple of days coming up. But I’m a champ and I refuse to stay in tonight because of this so I’m doing damage control right now.

I’ve never gone as far as sitting on ice packs before, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Plus, the front of my legs and arms and stomach are a little less pale. So, if just one part of me got a super bad sunburn but the rest of me is more normal looking, I don’t give a damn. No pain, no gain.

This is what my mom made me wear at the beach when I was younger to protect me from the vicious sun:

I had two choices. Either wear that or have to stay at the house. Obviously, I chose the beach.

And understandably, I have self-esteem issues from being pale now. When Mary saw this picture a couple years ago, she said…

You look like the anthropologists in the fieldwork documentaries I have to watch for class.


I was also weirdly tall with the longest/boniest arms and legs of all time. You couldn’t pay me to go back to elementary school. Thankfully, I reached a max height of only 5’7″ and while I still have really long legs, that’s more of an asset at this point. I get a lot of free drinks. Maybe someday I’ll come to terms with my pale skin too. But it’s doubtful.

Also, Ben notified me that it costs $35 to watch the Steelers games from last season. Eff that. The memories are all I need.


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