Sunburn Aftermath

I basically laid on my stomach all day. Least comfortable studying position of all time. It sucked. I hate inactivity.

Plus, I was totally out of food. So I had to go to the grocery store. Which meant putting on shorts, first of all. That hurt. Then I had to sit down in my car. That hurt even more. Then I had to briefly expose my sunburn to the scorching heat of a parking lot in Alabama in the middle of the day in the middle of June. And I also had to walk like a normal person with knee bending and all of that which was killer.

Days like these really make me question whether I’m actually ok with being alone forever if it comes to that. On my self-sufficient days, I’m totally down. On my weak days, it seems like it would be the worst thing ever.

On a normal day with no physical ailments, I can absolutely go a whole 24 hours without face-to-face social interaction. But when I don’t have the option of social interaction, I freak out and can’t last 5 hours.

It also would have been nice if someone could have gone to the grocery store for me. And then went above and beyond and made me pancakes. And then brought them to me as I lay on my stomach in my bed.

Because everyone knows that pancakes in bed are the only real remedy for a sunburn. Your body has to heal itself and requires more calories. Empty pancake calories with no nutritive value are the absolute best for rebuilding tissue.

I will forever hate being a ginger. The homosapiens who migrated to Europe are freaking idiots because they lost their ability to go outside for 30 minutes without suffering severe physical consequences. If the world economy collapsed and sunscreen production came a halt, all people with pale skin would die within a week from exposure.

Me: I think this is God’s punishment for being immodest and wearing bikinis.
Marisol: Your protestant guilt is even worse than my catholic guilt.

Oh well. The second day is always the worst. Cheers to tomorrow when it will hurt a little bit less!

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