Sundays Were Made For Confessions

Some people hate penalty kick endings, but I freaking live for them.

I’m so outrageously happy that this is already a gif so I can watch it over and over again. Not gonna lie… almost fell on the floor when that happened. Seriously, I think I briefly lost feeling all over my body from the “Oh, shit. That was incredible” excitement you get from these sorts of things.

I actually got reckless with my body positioning during the penalty kicks and irritated my sunburn and entered acute pain mode again. So worth it.

Confession: I think I might love soccer more than football and March Madness combined.

Also, in 2042, my kid is gonna be on the US World Cup championship team… provided that he inherits my obsession with soccer and his dad  has good strong soccer player legs. I think I’m gonna have spouse tryouts someday. Like make 10-100 eligible men line up and kick a soccer ball. Whoever can kick the farthest wins. Actually, I’m probably going to expand that to ball control exercises… and probably all soccer drills, now that I’m really thinking about this. Whoever is best overall is my soulmate.

It’s gonna be medieval.

Marriage isn’t about love. It’s about goals (I’m so punny) and genetics.

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