The Longer I Run Then The Less That I Find

Pandora is sabotaging my all-nighter with sad songs.

And not just bittersweet sad or like melancholy sad. We’re talking epically sad. And why are so many of them about leaving and/or home?

That’s a folky/alt-country theme, for sure. But damn. It’s almost EVERY song tonight.

I switched from my Whiskey Farm station to The Lumineers. Bad decision. Things turned tragic for no foreseeable reason.


There was this… which is probably on my “top 20 saddest songs of all time” list.

I’m coming up only to hold you under
I’m coming up only to show you wrong

Then, this… which is on my “top 10 songs that make me sad in 2012” list.

Well, this road I’m on’s gonna turn to sand
And leave me lost in a far off land
So let me ride the wind ’til I don’t look back
Forget the life that I almost had

Ugh. I’m switching to Gold. At least I know what to expect.

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