The Eve Of The Eve Of My Quarter Centennial

The fact that Julian is getting his blogging shit back in line has inspired me to take mine to the next level. I have an official email address now:

The previous email address that I had listed was my junk address. And I only checked it once a week… if that.  I felt bad for being a non-responsive asshole during those various occasions when someone did shoot me an email. And for relegating this blog to the “junk” category of my life.

I promise to check this new email inbox at least every couple days. Especially since I’m also using it for other things which are more important than junk but not so important that they need to go to my primary email address.

Does anyone yearn for simpler times when your life didn’t need a hierarchy of email addresses? There’s just no way I can successfully compartmentalize/prioritize without this system.

Anyway, here are some soccer videos because I love to sneak in unrelated/irrelevant things anywhere I can. You better thank the national deficit gods that I’m not your Congressional representative because I’d be the biggest pork barrel spender out there.

Julian posted this first one on my wall this morning:

And then I countered with this:

The Clint Dempsey one is much more epic.

Lady Liberty is SOOO out. Clint Dempsey is the new American symbol of deliverance.

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