Summer In Western PA

That’s one of the corn fields on the family farm.

Today is the family get-together and I hate not being there.

I wouldn’t even mind stacking hay bales in the barn even though it’s one of the most physically exhausting things you can do.

Binks sent me this text about our cousin’s 3 year old (who happens to be the most adorable child of all freakin time):

Just took Holden to the bathroom. He asked why cats went in the litter box and not the toilet.

HAHAHA I love 3 year olds.

Also, semi-relevant to yesterday… According to Mary, there’s a Christian dating site called Christian Mingle. Bahahaha. She said that her friend signed up for it, found out that she was a 100% match with a guy she knew “to have the personality of a wall” and promptly deleted her account, stating that it wasn’t worth it.


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