Stewart Mandel Vs. The NCAA

ESPN and NCAA are dirty words (actually, acronyms) to me now. Thankfully, Sports Illustrated is at least being reasonable about this by acknowledging the legitimacy of criticisms: NCAA’s Mark Emmert overstepped bounds in hammering Penn State

And so, Emmert made sure his organization responded accordingly — even if that meant revoking the traditional due process afforded every other school that’s ever been punished by the NCAA; invoking a nebulous, generalized bylaw about promoting integrity that could easily apply to hundreds of lawbreaking players, coaches and staffers across the country every year; and creating a precedent for dictatorial-like intervention that must now be considered every time a scandal of any proportion arises in college athletics.

That’s just one part but definitely read the whole thing. I can’t really find a flaw in any of his arguments. And this conclusion is pretty prophetic:

Instead, Penn State will remain at the front of the news for many years to come, not for the criminal acts of a former assistant coach or its leaders’ abhorrent inaction in handling him, but for its football players’ inevitable on-field futility.

But at the end of the day, we (still) are Penn State. And I have to believe that someday, somehow, things are going to be ok again. Even if we lose every game for the rest of my life, I will still love every single second of being a Penn State fan. Because, contrary to popular belief, Penn State football is about way more than wins and reputation.


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