My Worst Nightmare

So… the Steelers game started. But CBS in Alabama is still showing the end of the Eagles/Ravens game until it’s done. And as a Steelers fan, I obviously vehemently hate both of these teams. So, it’s not even a neutral minor inconvenience situation. IT’S TORTURE. If two teams I don’t care about were playing, I’d just patiently wait it out. Or if just one of these teams was playing, it would be bearable. Because rooting against the Eagles or the Ravens falls just short of rooting for the Steelers in terms of NFL game watching satisfaction. However, when they’re playing each other and you want them both to lose, even though that’s not a possibility, AND the Steelers are playing at the same time, it’s sheer misery. Plus, if I was at the Steelers bar, this wouldn’t be an issue. But I’m not because I have a cumulative final tomorrow.

As soon as I start to not miss home, something happens to make me miss it again.

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