Monthly Archives: November 2012

49 Days Later

My new boyfriend became my ex-boyfriend in late September. It was an amicable breakup and we’ve been able to maintain a healthy friendship. It’s nice to know that not all relationships have to end in disaster and I’m more open to them than I was previously.

Kelly, the Pittsburgh Rachel, and I had a crazy girls weekend in New Orleans shortly thereafter. It was almost as nuts as The Hangover. I’ve never done so many shameful things in a three day period. And I came home physically (and probably morally) broken. When you’re with tourists and spend every night in the French Quarter, New Orleans becomes the real Sin City. Everyone’s predicting that my life is going to fall apart when I move there in a month-ish. But I don’t think people fully appreciate/understand New Orleans. It’s so much more than drinking.  Although, when James, Rachel, Laura, and Julian come down for Mardi Gras, I’m mentally prepared to hate myself for the entirety of the following week.

The Mobile Rachel and I drove to Atlanta a few weeks ago to see Dispatch at the Tabernacle. One of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to AND the best show I’ve ever seen AND I got to meet them AND Pete and Braddigan signed my shirt. I’m not exaggerating when I tell people that it was the best day of my life.

The whole thing was especially crazy because I didn’t even fucking know they were touring again until like two weeks beforehand. We were at Serda’s doing clinical paperwork and Rachel mentioned that they were coming to Atlanta and I almost fell off the freaking bench from shock. Apparently, this isn’t even their first tour since getting back together to play again. I just assumed it was over forever so I didn’t bother to stay up-to-date. Lesson learned. Never give up on your life-long favorite bands.

Good Old War opened. And they were sweet/catchy/acoustic and made everyone all happy/wiggly. Check them out.

Also, at the tender age of 25, I realized how old I was. Say It Ain’t So started playing between bands and half the people geeked out and sang along like their life depended on it. The other half didn’t. And I realized that it was because they were too young to really have been truly affected by The Blue Album. I’m pretty sure that I’ve almost exclusively listened to Dispatch and Weezer since that night.

Anyway, nursing school turned me into a workaholic. Even though things are theoretically supposed to be more relaxed now, I’m intentionally staying outrageously busy because when I have free time, I feel empty and agitated. You can become so accustomed to stress that you can’t function without it. On top of practicum hours in the ED and stuff for online classes, I started volunteering at a community health clinic to fill the void. I can’t stop.

Finally, I’m going to die without hockey. Fuck the lockout.