Mary Is A Bigger Steelers Fan Than I Am

Ok, so this is how our family pick ’em league works during regular season weeks. You rank the teams from 1 to 16 or 1 to 14, depending on how many games there are. 16 or 14 is the team you think is most likely to win and 1 is the team you think is least likely to win.

This week, Mary picked the Steelers at 11. That was a totally ballsy move. But she had faith. And it paid off (along with her other good picks) because she’s the week 13 leader. By a lot.

I picked the Steelers at 1. But whatever. At least I picked them, right?

The last time I didn’t pick the Steelers to win was the year Ben was out for the first four games (or whatever it was) and everyone felt nothing but doom and gloom for our season mixed with totally hating him for being a shady bastard. And I was convinced they were going to lose. So I didn’t pick them. And everyone in my family had something to say about it and said that I’d be sorry. And they were right. The Steelers won. Then continued to win.

So, after that week, I’ve never picked against the Steelers. Because when it comes to Steelers football, you can’t ever count them out.

Although, I NEVER would have picked them at 11 when playing the Ravens in Baltimore without Ben right after losing to the Browns in the worst way. Mary gets the “4F MVP and Steelers Fan of the Week” award.

But I’m still in 2nd overall. And widening my margin. While not getting any closer to Nonnie. This is the perfect situation.


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